"role" Field in the Chat Completions API Response

In the Chat Completions API response, the ‘message’ object includes a ‘role’ field. Considering that the response is always from a model, it seems likely that this role will consistently be ‘assistant’. However, I’m interested to know if there are any use cases where this role might be something different. If not, what was the original purpose or intended use of this field?

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There’s also a “user” message that you can send… When you’re trying to give context, you’ll include several user/assistant pairs in addition to the system message.

The actual language that the completions transformer AI model sees is like:

[user]How big is a banana?[end]

where “assistant” is automatically inserted by the chat endpoint.

Based on the form of that language and training, the AI knows that it isn’t going to keep writing more questions about bananas, but it has been “prompted” to write as someone else, an assistant.

So there is a very real assistant message as part of the context, and why it is better to instruct “You are an AI assistant. The assistant writes a silly answer…”

When you have a chat, you then use this assistant role as input to maintain a conversation, showing the AI what it wrote before to maintain memory context:

[user] How big is a banana?
[assistant] A typical banana is about 15-20 centimeters long.
[user] What is a hand of bananas?

The API backend itself is inserting the word “assistant” in your JSON API response, so it cannot be something different based on the determination of the AI. However, special coded functions written by AI are detected and sent to you in a different API manner.

I understand how role is used in the request parameter. I am actually asking the use case of ‘role’ field in the RESPONSE object.

Ah, sorry for the confusion.

AFAIK, you’ll only get assistant back. Might change in the future, though.

Sorry about the misunderstanding.