Rich interactive chat cards standard


Can the OpenAI team look into developing a standard in conjunction with Slack, Microsoft, Google et al for marking up a rich, interactive card which appears in a chat?

Chat is amazing, sure, but I’d to return a card with an image/SVG and preset buttons into the chat. I think we’d all benefit from being able to do this.

It would be cool if this was an industry standard to avoid dupe, and it’d be even cooler if we could get the LLM to produce the standard JSON when give a description of what we’d like to return and any URLs.

"Render a rich card with this SVG (url) as the main image and a quick response button which replies “Yes” and another which replies “No”.


Microsoft released a proposed standard for this:

I’ve not yet fully read it to see if it’s a proposed open standard or just a Microsoft thing, but it is exactly the thing I’m talking about, thanks.

Meta have also now got similar functionality with WhatsApp