Rhymes and syllables

Hello to all!

At first, I really want to congratulate the team for this amazing machine!
I never found anything else, where it’s possible to have such meaningful conversations.

Regarding ChatGPT I’ve got two questions/comments:

1.) ChatGPT wrote me the right answer about the nature of a »Limerick« (AABBA) – but it’s not able to follow this regulation. The rhymes are not correct.

2.) ChatGPT knows also the correct nature of a »Haiku« (5-7-5) – but it seems to be not able to count the syllables.

(Sorry for my bad English)

Thank you


Hi. Try getting it to count words, and it will fail at that too. The best I have been able to figure out is these types of activities are not its training. It’s a natural language processor, but that does not extend to counting things.


Yes. But I noticed the following: If he/she/it can’t solve a task, it doesn’t mean that the program won’t be able to solve that task next time!

An example: A few days before, I wanted a cheeky (don’t know, if this is the right word, in German: »frech«) Limerick. The program wrote me this lines:

Ein junger Mann aus Kent
Der hatte einen sehr alten Ventilator
Er sagte es surrt
Doch dann gab es nur ein kurzes Stöhnen und ein Wimmern
Als er sah, dass der Ventilator in Brand stand.

This is no Limerick, it doesn’t rhyme and the lyrics are a little weird. :wink:

But I tried it again yesterday and the result is amazing – I’m tempted to say that was my Turing-moment for the day!

We conduct our conversations in German, so I wrote the translations on the screenshot:

For me definitely: Wow! :open_mouth:

Yeah, but ChatGPT can write a method to do this very well:

Testing … (of course it works, we can see from the code)…

irb(main):022:1* def count_words(phrase)
irb(main):023:1*   count = phrase.split.count
irb(main):024:1*   puts "The phrase '#{phrase}' has #{count} words."
irb(main):025:0> end
=> :count_words
irb(main):027:0> count_words("hello how are you my friend?")
The phrase 'hello how are you my friend' has 6 words.

Fine idea! Then ChatGPT obviously has small problems applying its own methods. :wink:
Here is a screenshot of my attempt to make it words count. With moderate success…

I also hope to see the developers fix this issue. I find it impossible to use ChatGPT for lyrics when it can’t keep itself to a strict syllable count at the very least.

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