Reviewing Terms and Conditions

Grateful for some advice.

I want to make the process of reviewing Terms and Conditions easier. I have about 20 security questions which I try to answer as I read a company’s Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy information.

Questions like:
“Do they use secure email and secure data connections to their network, to protect data in transit?
How do they constrain access to sensitive data?
Does the supplier offshore any components of their service to you, such as data storage, data processing, support, development or maintenance of services?
If so, in which locations and what security controls are in place around those offshore components?”

I’m not sure the best way to approach this, as the majority of Ts&Cs are usually quite large text files and I won’t be able to paste it into the playground. I would like to code it but not sure how to do that to ask questions about the content of large files.

Thanks in advance


Hi @rowbot ,

That’s an interesting problem you’re trying to solve.

Based on your description, I would use embeddings for semantic search and then completions endpoint on davinci.