Revenue sharing from a desktop app?

I’m creating a desktop app where users have to enter their own OpenAI key in order to access the API. Is there any way to receive a revenue share for the API calls made from the app? This would avoid having the user needing to pay two bills: one for the desktop app, and another for the OpenAI usage.

If this isn’t supported, does OpenAI allow you to proxy requests on behalf of users with your own OpenAI key? Eg, host a backend with a single OpenAI key (owned by the app publisher) where requests would flow like this:

desktop app user 1 → backend → OpenAI with publisher key
desktop app user 2 → backend → OpenAI w/ same publisher key

Users of the desktop app wouldn’t need to bring their own OpenAI keys, they would just need a subscription to the backend. So again they are still paying a single bill. Essentially the desktop app publisher would be reselling OpenAI services.

If neither of those approaches are supported, are there any recommended ways to monetize desktop apps that depend heavily on OpenAI?