Retrieving Complete Structured Data Objects Using Assistants API File Search Feature

I have a question regarding the file search functionality of the Assistants API, specifically when dealing with structured files like JSON. I want the search results, particularly the quotes in the annotations, to be complete structured data objects. For instance, if my JSON file is structured as follows: {"A":[{"id":"xx","name":"xx","age":"xxx"},{"id":"xx","name":"xx","age":"xxx"}],"B":[{"id":"xx","name":"xx","age":"xxx"}],"C":[{"id":"xx","name":"xx","age":"xxx"},{"id":"xx","name":"xx","age":"xxx"}]} , I would like the search output to return complete objects like {"id":"xx","name":"xx","age":"xxx"} . Is specifying this requirement in detail in the construction of the command the only way to achieve this?