Retrieve "in_progress" run always return 400 and weird message status

Dear OpenAI,

Currently, I intend using Assistant APIs. My work flow here

  • Create Thread
  • Upload file
  • Add message to thread with file
  • Create run
  • Loop retrieve run to get run status
  • Get assistant message when run completed

However, when i looped to retrieve run status, I always encounter a weird error message: Cannot update run with status ‘in_progress’. It’s only success when the run status is completed.

I have checked the doc and do as you said

If you are not using streaming, in order to keep the status of your run up to date, you will have to periodically retrieve the Run object. You can check the status of the run each time you retrieve the object to determine what your application should do next.

So please recheck your retrieve run API

Thank you and best regards

Please close, the issue is caused by our side.