Retaining full chat history to make response unique

At a high level, I want to have a chat (SMS) log between my staff and clients. The staff would complete a profile and update the bot with interesting things like…I bought a car…The chat bot would send these messages to the related clients. I want to retain the full history of the staff in a database. Can ChatGPT/OPEN.AI reference the full history of my staff to gerneate a uniuqe persona and unique response ?

The API has no method of history tracking. You must store all history and send the entire conversation history (or as much as you can) on each API request.

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Let me clarify, I do not want to store the full chat history to relay to the client… I want the API/CHATgpt to be udpated to represent the current status of my staff…example. Staff updated her status within our program to for example…“Went to a work conference in Los Angelos.”

I want the AI Chat tool to relay this in the verbage and persona held by the staff member with the current history of the staff. Thanks!

History or not, there’s no sort of storage or training for this sort of thing. Everything will need to be sent in the prompt for every request. So you’ll need to guide GPT how to write in each of your staff’s voice, likely by hand-selecting a bunch of examples and writing a prompt like

Based on these examples, write a message in the same 
voice and tone for the following message: <message>


Theoretically you could look into fine-tuning a model for each of your staff members, but that seems overkill and testing/validating the prompt method would be a better first step.

I’m not sure if I understand you right. Seems like you’re trying to make a relay that intercepts “interesting” information happening between your staff and the API. The piece of information would then be used to update a database of persona identity of each staff.

If I’m not wrong there, I guess you can use the functions parameter in the chat API. Make the function to output 2 things (the information and the normal reply message from client). From the information output, you can update your staff’s persona. The reply message would be displayed to the staff UI like normal reply.

Just a wild idea from me, I guess. I don’t know if I’m assuming the right thing here.