Results.csv file has no classification/accuracy details

I am using fine-tuning
after I save the results file,


I get the below error:

KeyError: ‘classification/accuracy’

Please share the specific request you are using (with personal info omitted). Did you make sure to pass --compute_classification_metrics per here: ?

@logankilpatrick yes, i am running this:

!openai api fine_tunes.create -t “procurement_prepared_train (3).jsonl” -v “procurement_prepared_valid (3).jsonl” --compute_classification_metrics --classification_n_classes 5 -m ada

Might be a good idea to examine the results and look at the JSON key-value pairs.

This is how I typically troubleshoot similar errors when working with JSON data. Nothing beats “eyes on the data.”

Often I will go a step further and copy-and-paste the JSON file / data into a JSON viewer (or VSC with .json extension) and example the JSON data with the benefit of formatting and color highlighting.