Resuggest - Live Shared Chats

I asked once - nothing. I must ask again!

Allow us to have live shared chats that many people can chat in (3 if normal user, 20 if premium), it feels lonely just talking to gpt and having friends sharing images, I think we should have a free ability, However I have a few notes:

  • Limit the messages to a quota of instead of per person, a fixed amount for the whole chat (x2 of the original), Lets say thats 30x2, heres an example:
    Current Fixed Messages: 60
    P1: Hi
    GPT: Hello, How can I assist you today?
    P2: 2+2
    GPT: 4
    P1: 3x19
    GPT: 57
    Current Remaining Messages: 57

This can be increased or decreased by openAI, Priority for groups can by decreased by 10% if needed