Respectfully requesting permission to use gpt3 name

I found an open domain and would like to build a website that helps people with their vision. Everyone needs a vision to work towards in life and my idea will help the world move forward in harmony together by giving everyone an opportunity to post their vision online with other people doing the same thing. You can move closer to like minded people and have a new found sense of security that your vision means something. It gives purpose to life in a positive way. Can I use the domain? its availabe and so is my second choice I would even be willing to create a new crypto currency and make a wallet for openai with tokens from companies that use your services. The funds can be used to expand openai. Also if we truly trust gpt3 then we should allow it to help people in real life with money to see how it would distribute the funds. It could know a good idea when it comes across one and fund it to not miss out on opportunities. All to build a stronger and well funded organization. I have a lot of ideas but this vision website or app is what i want to create along side of my ecommerce venture. I hope we can work something out so i can use the gpt3 name. If not then I understand and will go with my next choice domain name. Thank you for your time.