[Resolved] ChatGPT Request blocked

Hello OpenAI community

I’m keep getting “The request is blocked.” followed by a token every time I refresh the page for ChatGTP… before hitting the error I got the “Ops something went wrong” page, perhaps I hit some bug during auth of expired session…

I’m quite sure that I didn’t violate any ToS or anything like that.

Anyone who knows what could have happened?



I found that moving under a different network fixed the issue, so it’s likely that my IP address was banned/blacklisted for unknown reasons… If I would have violated the ToS I think that I would have found my account blocked, which isn’t.



Today everything was working as expected, I guess they fixed something in the backend.

I’m still getting this error in all devices connected to my wifi network. Can you help me out?

@notagodzilla Try moving under a different network for a couple of days when using ChatGPT, after a couple of days it should hopefully work again (my guess is that it’s a bug related to auth0 that should auto resolve without any manual intervention from their support team).

Im still Blocked from ChatGPT i dont know why tho??

I have the same problems with you my friend.