Request to Make the Real-Time Back-and-Forth Conversation Feature Available for Free Users

Hey OpenAI Team,I hope you’re all doing great! I’m reaching out because there’s something I (and probably many others) really need to see happen: real-time back-and-forth conversation features made available for free.

Real-time interactions allow for a more natural and dynamic flow of conversation, making the AI more responsive and engaging. For many users, including myself, this would transform ChatGPT from a helpful tool to an indispensable assistant.

However, the current functionality falls short of its full potential without the availability of fast and expressive real-time conversations.
[ As a mobile app user, without a subscription I don’t have the feature,which is really frustrating]

I get that rolling out something like this isn’t easy and takes a lot of resources. But I’m begging you to see the immense value it would bring to the community. Making this feature free would show that OpenAI is committed to delivering the best possible experience for its users.

(I also appreciate your initiative for presenting the Chatgpt-4o to the free users,make this feature also be available with a limitation (as your convenience)]

Thanks for hearing me out. I’m really excited about what’s next for ChatGPT and can’t wait to see it continue to evolve.

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