Request to Eliminate Redundant "Given Your Focus On..." Phrases in GPT-4 Responses

Dear OpenAI Development Team,

I am writing to address a recurring issue with GPT-4’s responses when custom instructions are provided. Despite outlining my specialized needs and expertise in the custom instructions, GPT-4 frequently includes redundant qualifiers that begin with phrases like “Given your focus on…” These qualifiers are not only unnecessary but also detract from the specialized, in-depth analysis I am seeking.


The inclusion of these redundant phrases dilutes the focus and depth of the responses, making them less aligned with the custom instructions provided. This is particularly problematic when the custom instructions already specify a high level of expertise and specialized analytical requirements.

I propose that GPT-4 be fine-tuned to better interpret custom instructions and omit such redundant qualifiers when the custom instructions already indicate a high level of expertise and specific analytical needs.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to any improvements you may make in response to this feedback.

Best regards,