Request to change usage cap to 24 hour window

Is it possible instead to increase the usage cap timeline and add more prompts. ie like 8 hours and 60 questions instead of current 4 hours and 30 questions. I keep running out of usage cap every now and then, or maybe even give us daily usage of 240 prompts every 24 hours.

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While we are waiting for the restrictions to be relaxed you can try this workaround.

If you know in advance that you will be working from, say, 3pm to 6pm, send a single message at 1:30 pm. Thus when you start at 3 you will have 1.5 hours with 39 messages left. And from 16:30 you get another 40 messages that should last until 6pm.

Sometimes I wake up and send a single message first thing in the morning, just so that I can send more messages during my first working block later the same day…


Thats a great idea!! I was somehow under the assumption that prompt tracker would be a rolling window, but your explanation makes sense! Ill start doing this just to ensure I start this 3 hour window before my core work hours.

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