Request refund but no response

I am in EU and I am eligible to request a refund within 14 days. I emailed the team to request cancel and refund 3 days after subscribed. Two weeks now, I contacted them twice, still no response.

Anyone successfully requested refund before?


I also got the same issue and got charged for Chat GPT Plus monthly subscription on two consecutive days. I sent them multiple emails with no response!
I requested a refund for one of the charges. and now I can’t access chat GPT plus

I have the same problem.

How do we get a response here? It’s not acceptable.

I am in Ukraine and I am eligible to request a refund within 14 days.Please give me a refund

Same requested refund within 14 days. Maybe complain to stripe next as they are their payment processor

I got the refund today. It took them almost a month to process. but finally they did it.


Did you cancel your subscription before making your refund request? I’m having the same problem of zero response to my refund request after requesting one, and was wondering if cancelling the subscription first matters.

I did… it did nothing. Three emails sent, no reply. Downright reprehensible behaviour.

Just asked for a refund, will see how it goes. Does anyone here also think the January versions were smarter than v4? Might be just a matter of raising expectations though.

hello,what method do you used to get a refund。firstly click to where。