Request for GPT 3.5 16k in ChatGPT plus

seriously, there gets to a point where it stops understanding code (or so it feels)
And i have think of ways to explain smaller parts of code in the context.

Now its absolutely possible that ive been spoiled in this context.
But… even in that frame im not sure.

Ive played with 16k in playground and… its quite clever with longer* content.

And perhaps that’s an ace or something that someone wants to keep.

But if you want to train longer models, then you need longer content to affirm, or reinforce.
That alone is a business decision to include 16k in your plus program.

That of course is merely, my anonymous option shouted into oblivion.

But just in case…

I tried to word that as correct as possible.
However i felt my wording was necessary in conveying the point emotionally.