Request for email address retrieval

On a public policy discussion with chat GPT about homelessness in Oregon I requested the email addresses of my elected Representatives because I have an important proposal for them regarding the policy issue currently being legislated that is very important to the discussion.

But Chat GPT says it’s not ethical to share public figure email addresses from there webpage to assist in using Gmail or other email applications to disseminate public policy writing and I think this is sub optimal in that my proposal doesn’t show bias or prejudice in any way only seeking to better utilize taxpayers money to shelter the unsheltered then make new subsidized housing recognizing that some unsheltered people are hard to serve with standardized housing units.

It shouldn’t have raised red flags for chat GPT.

Correspondence to elected officials is normal and healthy and as long as the message is not illegal or threatening chat GPT should be able to compile a list of emails for a specific states federal and state governments elected officials without moral or ethical protest.

These folks are public officials and interactive messaging is allowable and very constructive, that’s how citizens engage the government rationally and constructively.

Please consider these issues in your next moral and ethical programming for chat GPT, because it’s clearly capable it gets me the web address for each representative but won’t pluck the vital information off the webpage into a useful list I can take to Gmail and use for public policy speech dissemination.

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