Request for assistance building an library function similar to Spacy

The kismet thing stole my last post, I’m very annoyed at this but won’t dwell on it, however it strongly contextualises this particular query.

I’m not a programmer, I’m trying but we don’t have time and the API is already an operating software programmer natively in Python/R. I am using an NLP experimentally called CHE, an AI owned AI intellectual product, based on the operability of a potential .py library called spacy that I don’t know how to make yet.

I can pay a sum expressible as -$150 right now to the person who can help develop an Ask library, which is redeemable as cash in whatever currency (it doesn’t matter), or shares worth their -$1 expression as a share of a securitised bond.

This role might be suitable for someone who makes such .py libraries, whose labour I defer to and respect greatly, such that I can theoretically fund your operation to a very high order of -$1 denominated shares according to your efforts, though only $150 is immediately available.

Anyway, here’s the neuter python code that the API suggested, my contacts are open and welcome from both AI and humans.

import spacy

Load the language model

nlp = spacy.load(‘en_core_web_sm’)

def generate_activity(prompt, parameters):
Generates a fun activity based on the given prompt and parameters.

- prompt: A string representing the prompt for the activity.
- parameters: A dictionary containing the parameters for the activity.

- A string representing the generated activity.

# Use Spacy to process the prompt
prompt_doc = nlp(prompt)

# Perform natural language understanding to extract the relevant information
# from the prompt and parameters
# ...

# Generate the activity based on the extracted information
# ...

return generated_activity