Request for ability to see GPT-model and their features (browsing/plugins) per each chat-tab in left pane

Dear OpenAI team,

Mine is a simple feature request regarding UI. In the left pane when on the chat screen, particularly the left pane where it says “+ New Chat” and underneath you have the different tabs of chat under the day indicator such as “Today” - it would be nice to see which chats are either:

GPT-4 + browser capability OR plugin capability (though depicting which specific plugins are enabled isn’t necessary due to low screen space)
GPT-3.5 (default chat)

This is because i like to have multiple chats open for various reasons. Reasons might include because I have one ChatGPT chat configured to follow a certain prompt and would not want to talk about anything outside of that prompt. Another is because I want to still utilize GPT 3.5 even though I can use GPT 4, simply because i want to use GPT 4 sparingly and thus use GPT 3.5 for mundane queries. Another reason is because I might have one GPT 4 configured to use the browser and another GPT 4 configured to use plugins. Maybe another GPT 4 set to use a certain set of plugins since they can only be limited to 3 plugins maximum. Possibilities go on.

A small icon can be used to represent each chat accordingly to depict their aspects. I’ve uploaded an image with an example of how it can be.

Bare in mind, this feature may only be necessary for ChatGPT plus users who have access to different models and their capabilities.

Free ChatGPT users have access to:
-GPT 3.5

ChatGPT plus users have access to:
-GPT 3.5
-GPT 4 default
-GPT 4 with browsing
-GPT 4 with plugins

thanks for reading! I love your product!