Repeating request after hour


Currently working on automation with GPT-3.5-turbo model, and while testing the entire flow I found the wired issue, When the flow hits the GPT CURL it repeat the Entire Request Once again right after one hour. and this cycle repeats indefinitely.

For Example :
the automation is about self responds based on the incoming message.

Lets say there is an User and a chat-bot. So, When we received the Message from User then chat-bot will send self generated respond based on the system def.

So the case is when message received from User, it will Create CURL request to API with entire conversation of the day to generate response. after getting response it will create another CURL to send that chat-bot generated response to User.

But, while doing this process i don’t know how but entire cycle is repeating after 1 hour. i have tested by disabling GPT API and returning static Response then the flow works fine, But AS we Enable the GPT API CURL then it will repeat the particular message send by the User

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There is no mechanism where OpenAI can create an unsolicited connection to your server after an hour, you must be initiating that connection and call, so it must be a bug in your code.

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