Reopening closed topic about plus membership issues

Wtf, @logankilpatrick? You Just closed a topic without a solution for hundred of costumers. I thx for saying that devs are trying to solve The problem but, while we dont have a solution we have the right to keeping posting, same as new impacted users can post too, and more…
You (Openai) are showing the worst costumers relationship ive seen for a while.

One more open ticket going to fade away.

We paid for a service, you dont provide it, dont tell us what is happening, previsions, refunds or whatever and now just closes the topic… Come on…


Still nothing…
Dont you have an ETA to fix this???

Still nothing here. Just resent the inquiry. Not sure when will be getting their respond.

I think you should remove/blur your personal email from the screenshots. Because its a public forum.

yea… nothing, in my case, its been more than 15 days now… i have tried contacting them for the 6th time. and the topic is closed bcaz they have a solution that is not solving anything. haha.