Renaming a PDF based on a vision looksie

Hi there. I am curious if there is a way for me to make a custom GPT that will look at the file that is sent to it from Zapier Be able to summarize what it is and make a file name for the file.

I have to scan like 1000 documents like a bunch of check stubs and checking statements. I would love for it to be able to look at that and know that it’s a check stub and label it the way that I want it to does anyone have an idea prompt? I already have the Zapier automation in:

When a file is added to a specific folder on Google Drive, send the file to the assistant to have it look at it. Then I have to copy the file using Google Drive because there’s no way to rename it out right, and put the file name that the assistant will output as the file name.

I have successfully gotten the automation to work but the playground assistant is not working at all. Any ideas? Would love to be able to dump 100 files into a folder, go on a run and come back and have them all named correctly for me

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What useful notion! I have so many pdf’s most of which have bizarre random letter names that it’s not funny. The first thing I would do is ask chatgpt for a list of possible options to do this. My guess is that a good option might be to have it write a python code that makes a CSV list that takes the original name and the contrived name {old name, new name} that you can use to then to programmatically rename the files in the folder.