Removal of Branching Feature

The edit function used to work as a branching feature, where you could scrub (say 1/12) edits and go back and forth. This appears to have been removed from the new version.

Can we please get confirmation that this is just a bug and will be fixed soon? Or else, if intentional, this seems a really quite disturbing choice.

You probably did notice that the edit button has moved to the top left corner of the user message. It is now a little pen symbol.

In one conversation I had a case where I was unable to edit a particular message but it was a single occurrence and maybe just a bug?


As shown in the screenshot, you can click the mark indicating the model selection to choose a model and regenerate.

Also, you can click the pen mark to edit as many times as you want and branch.

Let’s ignore what ChatGPT is saying in the screenshot!

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Ah, amazing, this is helpful. Thank you all!