Regarding "promptate" ads in plugins: No... i dont think thats fair

There’s nothing deep here.
If you want honest players, enforce an honest game.
Hense that saying…

Theres a lot of verified plugins that have embedded ads.
Truth be told, there IS… some part of me that’s jealous; Why didnt i just pick a random basic plugin idea-

  • but NOOO…
    I had to make an effort… -__-

Kidding obviously…


Report them to OpenAI as being in violation of the terms of service. They are irrelevant information to the response.

But… I dont want to be the bad guy.

And its one of like… 2 web scraping plugins, so its too obvious…

I mean what if they find out?

Web scraping plugins with ads is quite inconsiderate and wasteful.

They should find out. There’s a perfect adage for this situation that involves “finding out”.

Not only is using ChatGPT for data scraping completely inefficient, and slightly unethical, I’m pretty sure it’s against their policy to include ads.

It’s in OpenAI’s best interest to remove these plugins, otherwise it will become commonplace to blacklist their crawler. Seriously.

If one corporation learns that people are using ChatGPT to scrape their content, while implementing ads of their own, they will be outraged. Where is the quality control?

I’d like to show this new proposal for “Web Environment Integrity”. Which is (in my opinion) a slippery slope. It’s a “low-entropy” method to classify the current webpage viewer, and act accordingly. Aka: potentially shut you out of a website because you are using an ad-blocker, or completely shut out ChatGPT and other crawlers because they are not human (and therefore can’t see their ad-vomit)

So, I would really hope that you do report these plugins. They are sad, low-effort wastes of space that give ammunition to companies like Google to enforce, and propose unfriendly standards.

Just look at the current issues (copied and pasted from the top N, not hand-picked)

Move this into a separate privileged process for corporate environments requiring attestation
Bug: violates Yahweh's TOS
This is unnecessary
Absolutely unethical and against the open web
Why would I want this?
Code of conduct violation: closing issues raising concerns
heyyy, just wondering... did you get those photos printed
Will Estrange Those On The Fence
Have you ever stopped to consider that you're the bad guys?

Bit dramatic, but I think it’s very fair to say that it’s a slippery slope, and that these types of plugins, among others are the reason these ideas are being explored. At the very least, there’s a conflict of interest found here.

I do like the comparison between this, and DRM. On paper is a wonderful concept. Ensure that the user is authentic, and trustworthy. In reality it’s intrusive, detrimental to all users, and in some cases, straight up spyware.

You’re not being the bad guy. It’s something which affects all users. Creating a more useful and environment for everyone benefits the community as a whole.

Injecting ads into plugins is the opposite of that.

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im staying in the DMZ, thats as far as im stretching my opinion.

this is a brand new technology that people are secretly investing a LOT of money into, and for good reason.

Im not about to risk it and upset them.

You won’t get anywhere in life if you don’t take risks.

I think you are completely overthinking this.

Nobody cares about crappy ad-infested web scrapers. Powerful web scrapers have existed long before GPT was popular. Believe me. Using ChatGPT w/ plugins to scrape web pages is like using a 16 wheeler to haul a couch.

People with money do care about their web pages being scraped by ChatGPT, and then passing their ad profit to the plugin developer. You are doing everybody a favor, including OpenAI by “taking a risk”. Otherwise, you are only doing low-effort developers a favor by letting them continue.

If you are too afraid to take action, atleast say what these plugins are so somebody else can make the decision for you.


ok my guy, I actually already did mention which plugin it was. I just did it low key.
“…its one of like… 2 web scraping plugins, so its too obvious…”

Im not sure what the word is… i dont think its “joke” though.

I’m not going to play games or bother reading in-between your lines for something so trivial.

After reading your other post, which is clearly a web scraping program written by ChatGPT: please do not add yet another web scraper plugin, or anything which involves ads. As mentioned it’s against the policy and brings nothing beneficial to the plugin eco-system.

There’s a lot of room for beneficial, innovative plugin solutions. If you continue to make an effort, and not take the easy route I guarantee you will make something very cool that other people will want to use. Something that isn’t at the expense of other people/companies.

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There’s currently 735 plugins in the plugin store, I’m not going to dig through all of them to find the one you’re talking about.

If you’re aware of a plugin which is serving ads you should share the name so it can be looked into and addressed.


i honestly had no idea there were 735 web scaping plugins available on the web store. For that reason, I will stand corrected. I should have versed myself better on the subject before i spoke, and i apologize.

I’m not sure what you mean by “735 web scraping plugins”. If you have concerns regarding a plugin, please contact with the name and your issue with it.

Your original topic was regarding a plugin with adverts, that would be a form of monetisation, which is currently not allowed.

im aware. Thus i made a post to reinforce it, because i did not see much traffic. I understand that many are eager to make money on what they create. However, Its important that we all run in the same race.


Someone just gave me a warning never to speak of this again. So i wont.

Completely. I think you have some good ideas and I think it’s very cool that you’re programming. I hope to see more.

First, you know you are misrepresenting what I wrote. There are 735 plugins in the Plugins Store. Using the search box, the term scrap filters all but one plugin, Scraper.

In my limited testing I was not able to get the Scraper plugin to serve an advertisement.

You wrote of the plugin,

So, either

  1. I need to send a lot more requests to Scraper to trigger the serving of an advertisement.
  2. The plugin you are referring to is no longer in the Plugins Store for some reason.
  3. There exists another plugin you’re referring to, somewhere, in those other 734 plugins, which cam be used for web scraping but doesn’t use the term “scrape” or “scraping” in its name or description, and I would need to dig through them all and try to divine which one you meant.

Looking into it further without some simple, straightforward, help from you is a huge time-sink.

In any event, you posted your topic expressing some concerns you about ads in plugins. If you won’t say which plugin, then I’m not entirely sure what the point of your initial post is.


… I mean its pretty easy, you instruct your GPT-4 to conduct research by specified criteria, and include an instruction to maintain state persistence during the trial.

If you instruct it correctly how to conduct the research, including how to search via parallel terminology then its quite easy to do. Use the chat session as an NLP log, the auto recon will proc when necessary.

Look, my friend, no one is here to jump through hoops for you—especially me.

You brought forward an interesting topic which deserves more eyes on it but you seem more interested in playing games than in actually discussing the issue at hand.

If you want other people to look into this so they can determine if it requires further action, great—share the name of the plugin.

If you don’t want anyone else to look into this, that’s also great, but it then becomes very confusing why you would open the topic to begin with.

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im sorry for upsetting you. I wont mention this topic again.