Regain API access after getting suspended

I have been trying to get help for 2 weeks using the customer service help. My api account was suspended 2 weeks ago due to charging an account that ran out of funds, I paid the account in full to regain access to the API but I still haven’t gotten access. I asked support for help but nobody has gotten back to me, the bot is not helpful either. It keeps giving the same 5 responses. Originally I was told to wait less than a week before I get help, but still no help and the 2nd week is almost up.

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By the way I have messaged over 12 times in the customer service help window. I also emailed

it’s been about 3 weeks for me. I have messaged and tried and tried. Decided to check in today … nothing. I’ve given up on GPT for now and switched to getting to know BARD. :confused: