Redesign Suggestion for Editing Messages in a Thread

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Editing previous messages in active ChatGPT sessions is a very common use case. I tend to edit messages in the majority of my interactions.

Previously, if I had a long message, I needed to scroll up to find the edit button at the top of the message.

Currently, I need to hover over the message to make the small edit icon appear below it and then click on it.

Both implementations are not optimal. Focusing on the current implementation:

  1. The clickable area is small, which makes it take longer than necessary to click ‘edit’.
  2. The edit icon is never in the same place as other DOM elements appear to its left. This increases the time it takes for me to correctly navigate to the edit button.

I would like to suggest the following solution. It doesn’t need to replace the existing one but could be very beneficial for users who more actively use this function.

Users should be able to hold the Alt or Option keys on the keyboard and click anywhere on the previous message area to switch it to edit mode.

How to implement:
Add a listener for the pressed Option/Alt keyboard keys. If the message area is clicked while the keyboard key is pressed down, switch it to edit mode.