Recursive Function Calling

Hi, I’m working on a search implementation that performs a function call(search) and then needs to decide whether or not to perform another function call. I am struggling to get the function to dynamically perform the second call, it makes assumptions when it should do more research. Has anyone ran into this? How did you get it to keep changing inputs and calling functions until it gets something right?


Can you please provide more context on what you’re trying to do exactly? (a concrete example would be best).

I’m not sure I understand how function recursion relates to the model, since the actual function is external to it. However, from what you describe it sounds like what you’re describing is separate calls, one being on a result of the other. In this case, you can possibly try a different prompt for each step- each focusing on what’s needed achieve your goal.

Sorry if I misunderstood anything, a concrete example would help a lot.

Hey, I think this is what you are trying to implement: multiple calls