Record Breaking Token Usage

So I was just checking my account, and considering the 4k ish token limit, when I perused the ‘history’ ection of my account I was surprised that I managed to come up with this beauty from the Playground

Local time: 4 Jan 2023, 04:40
text-moderation, 20 requests
48,938 prompt + 0 completion = 48,938 tokens

Yes, it’s not a ‘single’ token usage, but it is a single entry in the history. What’s scary is that there were more at the same time, 5 mins earlier & 5 mins later! Note to self - Playground is a token HOG!

Got a bigger one than that? Share it!

A little late but here you go:

7:50 PM
Local time: Jun 8, 2023 at 2:50 PM
text-embedding-ada-002-v2, 8 requests
11,086,116 prompt + 0 completion = 11,086,116 tokens