Recommendation for Additional Forums Categories & GPT Builder

To provide a respectful recommendation regarding the upcoming launch of the GPT store. As you prepare to open this exciting new platform, I believe there is an opportunity to include a section specifically for Published GPT models and Store GPT applications.

Introducing a distinct category for Store and GPT Builder for Published GPTs would make it simpler for users to locate relevant AI tools/GPT’s tailored to their needs. It would also showcase the diverse capabilities of published GPT models trained and offered by Open A.I. Segmenting available offerings this way caters directly to those seeking ready-made GPT applications versus raw, unpublished engines.

I propose for your consideration adding a new section’s or filter labelled “Store GPTs” and/or “Published GPT Models” to the marketplace and to the Websites GPT builder. This would benefit both consumers, creators searching for GPT solutions and developers listing their GPT-powered products.