Recieving Warning Messages

Hello. I’m getting all sorts of error codes with ChatGPT today. The history not saving is obviously an ongoing issue, but I keep getting the “An error occurred. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at” message when I try to type. Any solution to this? Thanks

If the problem is related to the session timing out because you are not constantly using it, even for a minute, then just click the browser refresh button, not F5, and wait for the spining wheel to stop if it appears, then continue as normal.

Right now here is my normal useage with ChatGPT.

If the page is open and I am entering prompts reading the completion then entering the next prompt within a minute I don’t press refresh or F5.

If I leave the page and come back or have not viewed the page for more then 30 seconds I click the browser refresh button, not F5 before entering the prompt.

If I leave the page for more then several minutes I check the OpenAI status page which I keep open in the tab just before ChatGPT and then click the browser refresh button, not F5 before entering the prompt.

Sounds like a lot to do but you quickly get into the habit of doing it and spend less time in the forums adding more Me Too replies. :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems strange that the session would be timing out after only 30 seconds. Even if I ask a question, and then aska follow up 10 seconds later, I get the warning. The biggest problem by refreshing is that the chats are not saving (ongoing problem as I have read here). So everything in the conversation gets reset.

Often it is much longer than 30 seconds but I find that just clicking refresh after 30 seconds is easier to do then expecting it to work and fighting with it when it fails and looking for a reason. A simple click takes the most common problem off the list quickly.

I have found that switching from a WiFi connection to a wired connection has improved the situation but that is just my world, YMMV.

The OpenAI status page notes:

Mar 8, 2023

Missing conversation history in ChatGPT

Resolved - This incident has been resolved. Users still not seeing conversation history should log out and log back in.
Mar 8, 17:45 PST

Update - We are continuing to roll out restored conversation history to more users.
Mar 8, 15:10 PST

Update - We are gradually restoring conversation history to users.
Mar 8, 12:47 PST

Identified - Many users are reporting issues viewing their conversation history. No data has been lost and we are working to fully restore this feature as soon as possible.
Mar 8, 09:50 PST

Ok, I’ll try it. Thans for the help