Receiving Unrelated Responses from ChatGPT

Issue: Many times I will ask ChatGPT a question, including asking it not to refer to the GPT knowledge uploaded and it will provide a completely unrelated response.

Steps to Reproduce: I have tried rephrasing the question in several different ways, only to receive the same type of unrelated response.

Expected Behaviour: When being specific about the required response I would expect that more attention to detail of the question and its structure be analysed carefully, especially if the regenerate count has incremented above 3 or 4 responses.

Frequency: This happens in every single Chat so far at least 5 or 6 times over a two hour period, causing me to have to begin a new Chat on the subject to gain an appropriate response.

Additional Information: Occasionally, I f I write “Check your responses against my original request and try again, this time providing an accurate response to my request which clearly relates to a list of potentials.” It will hit and miss 50% of the time.