Really good first experience

It’s been a good new experience. Maybe as a suggestion, the chat list contacts should be possible to minimise. While working with just one screen, if you split the screen on Windows, chat AI GPT occupy >60% of the screen.


There is a little toggle in the vertical center of the screen, right next to the UI panel. Clicking it will make it disappear.

I’m sorry i’m new using gpt AI. Are we talking about the same?

You are not looking at ChatGPT. That is someone else’s product.

The only ChatGPT is at

It also doesn’t have "sweet girlfriend"s.

@_j is correct. You seem to have been mislead, at least a little bit.

I suggest you compare the offerings and decide which direction to go.

I found this on microsoft store. i’m not shore if it was the first gpt chat appeared when I was looking for chat gpt. it is possible to be a scam? sorry to ask but now got really concerned for didn’t realize that is not the real chatgpt.

Especially that they are using the “ChatGPT” name, likely a scam. There is no Microsoft store app.

A lot of these impostors have scammed people out of $199 “annual” or “lifetime” payments, especially on mobile, and then just disappeared.

This is the vendor: