Real world projects - script conversion

Hi, I have a perl script that I would like ChatGPT to convert to python. I added a dropbox link to the file, and ChatGPT said it couldn’t work with the link. Can ChatGPT duo this conversion, and how would input and output be handled?

What do you mean by ’ input and output’?

At any rate i’ve done this. It’s easy to do and in most cases what the bot produces works well.

Thanks for replying - my perl script is 7000 lines long; if I just
paste it into the chat I get “The message you submitted was too long,
please reload the conversation and submit something shorter.”

Earlier, it said to provide a link to a text file and I gave it a
dropbox link like this:
"please convert the perl code in the linked file to python
Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life "

And I got this
“I’m sorry, but as an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to
directly access the link you provided to retrieve the Perl script.”

So, trying to give it the long file but both methods had problems, and
wishing it would put the results in a text file.

Thanks for any comments

Have you tried breaking the script up into several subroutines and/or packages and submitting the parts separately?