Read as fast as ChatGPT prints the text as | FEATURE REQUEST | + Bonus Feature | WOW

[on]/off Off will be this feature requested toggle off. [on] will be presented by the written information be displayed big words one at a time, each new word to be replaced by the old. The speed is set by the user’s ability to easily master RSVP which defined is the strategy of improving reading speed without losing understanding. - [Try RSVP Now!](https://[]) - Check out the settings to change the speed. and/or present the in response text quicker in the format in which its more legible quicker (i.e paragraphs).

Wrapping it up, its a feature to read the data FASTER using [RSVP] which ChatGPT gives a response to a user; can further aid in the improvement of the ai.

                          | BONUS FEATURE |

Add the ability to prompt chatgpt to showcase edited responses in a color choice, usually red, to show what user said, vs what chatgpt edited it to based on its brain.

-The usage of this bonus feature is to easily determine the differences in which determines if anything has been left out. -

Any questions in the reply

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