Quiz generation not found on openai

Hello everyone !

I’m starting to use GPT 3, it’s a great product.

We found that, GPT-3 can automatic quiz generation on any topic (https://twitter.com/Learn_Awesome/status/1286189729826738176), but when I search on openai.com, I can’t find it.
Please help me !

Thanks All

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Ask the ai to genereate it:
Create 5 quiz questions about XXX with 4 answers

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Yeah, like @christian.kiefer said, it’s all about giving the AI language model a “prompt” which it then completes …

Have a go in the Playground with the Davinci-text-03 model, and let us know if you’re still having trouble.

We use GPT 3.5 and 4 for creating live quizzes at Faabul Live Quizzes. You really need to use a good prompt, ideally provide example(s) how the quiz should look like. Include the number of questions that you want, what type of quiz you need, how many answers it should offer.

With GPT 3.5, the results can be mixed, even though the prompt is pretty good. With GPT 4, the results are awesome, more predictable and you will get what you ask for in the prompt.