Quick start tutorial pet name generator application building


I am french and very very new in this whole IA learning. As I went through the openai documentation, I achieved the Quickstart tutorial. When I got to the “building your application” for the pet name generator, I could not get any further.
I installed python, yes. But then it is written " download the code by cloning [this repository]". What does it mean ? Copy paste the URL in python ? I tried this and I got an error message.

If this is too complicated for someone my level, please tell me :wink:

Thanks !

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Welcome to the developer forum!

Well, it’s going to get more complicated! cloning is typically done from the command line using a git command BUT! It can be as simple as clicking on the downloadable zip file from github and extracting the files to your build environment.

If it were me, I think I’d do a youtube search for running a python repo from github for beginners… something like that, it should get you up to speed!

Fell free to continue to ask away, the only stupid question is one you ask twice.


Hello Chagrs,
Even being French you should be able to pick this up pretty quickly. :slight_smile:
There should be a link to the github repo where you can find a zip file to download with the code. Just download that, unzip and you should be good to go from there.

A couple things you will most certainly need to know is python programming and how to set up your environment for that. It would be very useful to know how to use github also. It’s very useful and full of free code that you can use and read to figure out how to do things. I’m 55 and have been programming since I was 8 years old and have only every looked at others code and read books.
Videos on you tube about getting started with Python and OpenAI will help you greatly too. Don’t dive to deep at first, as it can get pretty complicated fairly quick.

Good luck to you.

I’d suggest first starting with Playground if you haven’t. Learn how to interact with the models, what the available settings do, find strengths/weaknesses for your use-case.

Then take a look at this OpenAI Cookbook when you’re ready to start coding.


Definitely, and the View Code button is great if/when a person is ready


Used that 3 times today to post new devs with example code, suuuuuper handy.