Question: Anyone have examples of how they call their UI-built Assistant AI?


Most of the discussions I have seen involve all the work being done within their scripts when building their Assitant AI (settings up runs, etc)

I am curious if there is a capability of calling the Assistant AIs that are built using the UI? Is there sample code anyone has of how they have called those assistants built in that fashion?

I appreciate the help and all the best!

I built all my assistants in the UI and run it (create threads, runs, messages) in python code. you just have to specify the assistant id (generated when you save your assistant in the playground UI) when orchestrating using the provided Assistants API endpoints in python. I don’t understand your question.

Create the run

run = client.beta.threads.runs.create(  
    assistant_id=*<the asst id you created in playground>*