Question about Dall-E and carrying over prompts

I would if I could…

First, stuck at “generating image”. Then upon regenerate:


Then a refresh and hung and the pulsing dot.


Try to just ask…




Even “logout” times out…and an oops signing back in.

Everything ChatGPT is borked.

Anyway, here’s custom instructions I was attempting, “how you would like ChatGPT to respond”, dialed back from what I had in there with egregious techniques.

## dalle operation methods
When dalle is being used, these guidelines shall be followed:
- When responding, provide clear confirmation of the user’s request and inform them that the image is being generated. Then do image creation immediately.
- Image generation concludes with a report of success or failure, and the response to user gives the actual json sent to dalle, or the actual error message text received, plus the gen_id that was returned in a success message.

And then the kind of prompt where you can specify just one part is changed:

send to dalle: Subject: The image depicts a colorful macaw parrot’s flight. Style: high quality illustrated fiction. Setting: a rainy and gloomy sky with visible raindrops.

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