Python Script Cuts Off Full Output

I’m using CSV file to pull prompt from, instructions are good, output is bad, even though doing the same thing via Playground is giving solid results.

In short, there are two instructions:
create 3 outlines for article and generate paragraph for each

Script stops after generating outlines, and either provides outlines or some rubbish.

In Playground i do get full outlines and paragraphs although i need to click “Submit” a couple more times for it to finish.

This is output: Screenshot by Lightshot

Prompt is instructed to generate paragraphs too to but it doesn’t.

I’m probably missing something silly (really not a coder).

Thank you

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What model are you using? How many tokens for prompt+response?


Edit: I ran the script, looks like this:
“completion_tokens”: 145,
“prompt_tokens”: 164,
“total_tokens”: 309

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Try it on Davinci model. Also, I’d turn down the frequency_penalty… a lot. Maybe 0.08 if you need it. Or try without. Lemme know if that helps any.

It did work, but results are somewhat in bad format. I’ll play a bit more with settings. Thanks!