Put the last update back!

You destroyed the bot in my opinion with this new may update. It’s terrible now! It doesn’t even keep the conversation anymore! It’s insane the amount of times I had to repeat myself to the bot because it didn’t know wtf I was even talking about.

Paying for a service where I have to keep repeating myself because in the same conversation the bot will have no idea what we just discussed 5 messages ago!

Sitting around wasting my message count trying to repeat myself over and over again every 15 to 20 minutes because in the same conversation the bot acts like it’s lost and has no idea what we have been talking about.

I would not even care if I had unlimited messages but you limit me to 25 every 3 hours and 3/4 of them are wasted on repeating myself over and over again.

It’s out of control at this point. Before the update it happened once in a while but nothing like right now. Ya’ll messed the whole bot up.