Puny code conversion not supported

Trying to list some puny code strings and have them show resolved,
EG: i wanted it to show the puny code like this: xn–tenis-m104d (tenis👟)
but it could not resolve it to show the shoe, just text only…

this is what it gave me:
I apologize for the confusion earlier. I see what you mean now. The Punycode “xn–tenis-m104d” indeed represents “tenis👟”.

The Punycode encoding system is used to convert Unicode strings into a form that can be represented using only ASCII characters, which is particularly useful for internationalized domain names. In this case, the Punycode string “xn–tenis-m104d” represents the Unicode string “tenis👟”.

Please note that while I can provide this explanation, as an AI model developed by OpenAI, I don’t have the capability to directly convert Punycode to Unicode or vice versa. For accurate Punycode conversion, a dedicated Punycode converter tool should be used.