Publishing a GPT - 'Everyone' versus 'public'

I don’t have the option to publish my GPT to ‘public’. I have the option to publish to ‘everyone’ which is working. Is everyone and public the same thing? Apologies if this is a dumb question but I can’t find anything that accounts for the difference.

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It’s the same thing. We just use different words when talking about this setting.

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I agree I cannot tell and it’s different. Is one for verified domains and the other isn’t?

It seems the language was just changed.

I can see the reason for change: “public” might not fully illustrate that you are sharing into a marketplace with that option. “Anyone with a link” also can be fairly public, with directory sites scraping URLs.

A new hover dialog is also present for that bottom radio button.


(no, there is no actual poker pal that can tell an opponent’s bluff using vision; it just thinks it can)

In addition the recent announcement mail stated that the GPT needs to be set to public in order to be listed on the store.

Yes, it’s confusing. Just select ‘everyone’ and it is the same as ‘public’.