Prove completion came from OpenAI?

Would there be a way to “prove” that a given prompt/completion with Temperature=0 was generated with OpenAI?

Like, say you pay a few extra tokens, and OpenAI will write the prompt hash and the hash of the result to some kind of public ledger? So, given the prompt and completion, a client could re-hash them and compare them to the public version for confirmation?

Actually if you have Temp at zero, and you have the exact prompt then you should get a duplicate of the prompt/code.

As far as a Hash, technically AI is a Hash that creates. At the moment, of course.

To actually prove it, I think would be a difficult technical challenge without placing trust in at least OpenAI. They could easily create something that records the hash of a prompt/completion on a blockchain, but what would be the purpose?

You can find reddit post made by people doing this reverse engineering. Transformer models are not good at keeping secrets

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