Proposal to implement a toggle mode for voice input in the ChatGPT Android app

Currently in the ChatGPT Android app, voice input stops when there’s a pause, which can be challenging for users who need time to think while speaking. This feature is especially difficult for those who prefer structured responses.

While the tap-hold option allows for controlled input, a toggle mode that allows users to finish their input by tapping the screen could be beneficial.

Usability: This mode would help users who struggle with continuous speech and make it easier for new users to enter prompts without feeling rushed.

Operational Complexity: Although it may complicate the experience for some, offering it as an optional feature allows users to choose what works best for them.

Performance: The slight impact on response times may be outweighed by the improved usability and user satisfaction.

Existing Features: The current tap-hold feature is useful, but may not be intuitive for everyone. Providing more options could appeal to a wider range of users.

This proposal aims to make speech input more user-friendly, especially for those who find continuous speech challenging. Making it optional allows users to choose the best mode for their needs. What do you think about this improvement?