Proposal: Smart Management System for ChatGPT Conversations

Proposal: Smart Management System for ChatGPT Conversations

Introduction :star2:

Dear OpenAI Community,

I would like to propose a new feature that would greatly benefit power users and make managing their ChatGPT conversations much easier.

Problem Statement :rotating_light:

Power users often start 3-4 chats per day, leading to over 100 chats per month. The current system is very cumbersome when trying to find a specific old conversation.

Solution Proposal :bulb:

1. Simple Search Function :mag:

  • Feature: Search for a specific word or phrase
  • Example: Entering “project” finds all chats where “project” is mentioned
  • Benefit: Quickly and easily locate old conversations

2. Contextual Search Function :brain:

  • Feature: Search for content even if the exact word is not present
  • Example: Entering “vacation” finds chats about sightseeing in Tokyo
  • Benefit: Intelligent, context-based search that recognizes deeper connections

Premium Search Function :gift:

  • Inspiration: Similar to the search functionalities in Windows Explorer or Mac OS Finder
  • Advantage: Familiar, powerful search capabilities for a seamless user experience

Summary :memo:

This smart management system would significantly enhance the efficiency and enjoyment of using ChatGPT. Power users, in particular, would benefit from better organization and searchability of their numerous conversations.

I look forward to your feedback and hope this idea resonates with the community.

Best regards,