Proposal on how to improve user experience with plugins


The proposal is intended to give a new approach on user interaction with plugins.

The current situation

Currently, the activation of the plugin is as follows, the user opens chat, goes to the store plugins, writes the name in the search, and installs the plugin, after which the plugin will be activated for the chat. One of the reasons why new users may not use plugins is that such a method would require considerable effort on their part. Besides, it will not be easy for developers to get users to try to install their plugins because users often avoid putting effort into anything. As a result, users lose the opportunity to improve their experience, ChatGPT misses out on the additional traffic that can be gained through plugins, and developers find it harder to engage users because of the long acquisition process.

How to improve user experience with plugins

What I suggest is a feature that automatically activates specific plugins in the chat upon clicking a link that redirects to the chat interface. For example, the developer gives a link to the user, and after clicking on it they get to the chat where the desired plugin is already activated. We should also try to offer users to activate more than one plugin via a link, maybe even a pack.


Taking all of this into account what I propose here is making our chats more interesting and accessible. Pre-activated plugins are certain to interest more users, and the flexibility to install them will make them easier to use.

Additional information

After viewing Plugin developer experience improvements, feedback needed!, similar thoughts have the developers to get this feature as soon as possible


Love it! This is such an elegant solution that will unlock creation of thousands of new plugins and their adoption by millions of users.

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