Proposal: "Margin Notes" or "Field Creation" for ChatGPT

Proposal: “Margin Notes” or “Field Creation” for ChatGPT

Concept Description:

Main Dialogue Window:

  • The primary interface where the user and ChatGPT exchange messages, discuss questions, and share ideas.

Additional Windows for Notes:

  • One or several additional windows (or panels) located adjacent to the main dialogue. Users can manually transfer important information from the main conversation to these windows.
  • Windows can be created as needed, each dedicated to a separate topic or aspect of the discussion.


  1. Information Organization: Important information is not lost in the flow of messages but stored in a structured manner.
  2. Quick Access: Users can quickly find necessary data in dedicated notes without scrolling through long conversations.
  3. Categorization: Ability to create multiple windows for different categories of information, simplifying work on complex projects.
  4. Contextual Links: Users can create links to specific points in the dialogue. Clicking on a highlighted word or phrase will automatically scroll to the relevant part of the conversation.
  5. Automatic Addition: Users can use a command to automatically send the latest expression to the margin notes.
  6. Color Differentiation: Users can assign different colors to notes based on their importance and status (e.g., important, less important, interesting, doubtful, to check, etc.).

Additional Features:

  • Editing and Annotating: Users can add comments or modify notes.
  • Saving and Exporting: Ability to save notes and export them in various formats (PDF, DOCX).
  • Integration with Existing Tools: Support for integration with applications like Notion, Evernote, or Trello.

Use Case Examples:

  • Technical Projects: During discussions on improving an internal combustion engine, collected data and key parameters can be saved in adjacent windows.
  • Event Planning: While organizing a wedding or other major event, additional windows can store information about venues, vendors, etc.
  • Workout Development: Discussing various exercises and methodologies in the main window, while optimal workout programs are saved in the notes.
  • Diet Planning: Discussing different diets and recipes in the main window, with finalized meal plans saved in adjacent notes.
  • Daily and Weekly Routine Planning: Creating schedules and daily routines, which are saved in the notes for easy access and adjustment.
  • Future Plans and To-Do Lists: Creating future plans and to-do lists, which can be easily found and edited in the notes.
  • Medical History Collection: Saving key information about symptoms and medical history for further analysis and treatment selection.
  • Treatment Method Selection: Systematizing suggestions on treatment methods and medications based on discussions and recommendations.
  • Business Plan Creation: Structuring business ideas, financial plans, and company development strategies.
  • Project Management: Managing project tasks, timelines, and resources for effective project completion.

User Testimonials and Use Cases:

  • Provide examples from real users who face the need for such a function to demonstrate its demand.

Technical Details:

  • Mention that implementing this feature will not require significant resources and can be done with minimal time investment.

Potential to Attract Users:

  • Indicate that such improvements could attract new users, especially those working on long-term projects, planning, and research activities.

Expansion Opportunities:

  • Note that the feature can be further developed by adding calendar integration, notifications, and reminders, making it even more valuable.

Benefits for OpenAI:

  • Additional Monetization: The feature can be made a paid premium option.
  • Improving User Experience: Enhancing the convenience and efficiency of using ChatGPT for long-term and complex projects.