Proposal for immediate knowledge base modification in GPT Chats

Currently, modifications to the Knowledge Base of a GPT become effective only in subsequent chats and not immediately (i.e. not “on the fly”) in the ongoing chat. This limitation impairs the usage flow, especially when adjustments to the knowledge base are required in the active chat. This currently necessitates closing and restarting the chat, which interrupts the flow and requires rebuilding the context.

The ability to modify the Knowledge Base (adding or deleting files) should be improved so that changes become effective immediately and “on the fly” in the ongoing chat. This would enable a smooth and consistent chat experience even when changes are made during the chat, making the interaction with the GPT system more natural and user-friendly.

It sounds like you may want to consider integrating it with an external dynamic database.

alternatively you may want to create an assistant where you can upload new files as part of an ongoing conversation.

(i) In the first step, I only intended to consider Custom-GPTs under EXPLORE. I configured some GPT models to analyze or compare the content of PDFs, where the PDFs are objects of this process which vary, such as manuals, legal texts, etc., which are present on my PC. This means that no dynamic database is required; and usually, there is no need for access a database or the cloud.

(ii) Secondly, uploading new files during an ongoing conversation works well. However, you may not have noticed that such uploading does not lead to the effectiveness of the upload modification during the ongoing conversation. This is the undesirable behavior that I suggest fixing. Integration with an external dynamic database or creating an assistant would not elivate this undesirable behavior.

I think my main point is that I think that GPTs are not necessarily designed for such complexity. It’s very much possible to achieve these things - just not necessarily with a custom GPT but instead you may need to develop a bespoke application.

Good luck!

No, its really not complex!

The remarkable success of numerous software systems, such as Word, Excel, WhatsApp, Google Maps, and ChatGPT, can be primarily attributed to their user-friendly design. This user-friendliness significantly facilitates non-experts in achieving remarkable outcomes, which stands as the genuine driver of their success.

In reflecting on the current use of the GPT system, I’ve noticed that modifications to the Knowledge Base (like adding or deleting files) only take effect when a new chat is initiated. This scenario leads to a disruption in the conversation flow, as the chat has to be restarted, and the context needs to be rebuilt.

I believe a discussion on how we can enhance the user experience would be valuable. A seamless integration of changes in the Knowledge Base could make interactions with the GPT system more intuitive and user-friendly. I’m eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we might improve the system’s adaptability during an ongoing chat to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted dialogue flow.

Agree. Also, it should be possible to modify the knowledge base from instructions in the conversation box by the user. At least for private GPTs.