Proposal for Extended Bot Interaction Time for Custom Chatbot Developers

Enhancing Custom Chatbot Development: A Call for Extended Navigation Time

Hello OpenAI Community,

I am Josias, a dedicated specialist in AI, emerging technologies, and digital marketing with a career spanning over 40 years in consulting for various sectors. I have recently focused my expertise and passion on the OpenAI platform, investing significant time and resources in exploring and developing with these tools.

As part of my continuous effort to innovate and contribute to this exciting field, I wish to address a critical aspect of custom chatbot development – the navigation time allocated for developers to train and interact with their bots. The current time allowance seems rather limited, especially for those of us deeply involved in refining and customizing our chatbots. This constraint hampers our ability to thoroughly evaluate performance, identify behavioral nuances, and implement necessary corrections or improvements.

The ability to interact more freely and for extended periods with our creations is vital. It not only aids in fine-tuning our bots but also ensures they adhere to the highest standards of conduct and functionality. This is not just about enhancing our projects but also about contributing significantly to the OpenAI ecosystem, ensuring each custom chatbot is a testament to the platform’s capabilities and ethical standards.

As someone who has chosen to devote a substantial portion of my professional life to OpenAI and its tools, I believe extending the interaction time with our bots is a crucial step in fostering innovation and excellence within this community. It will not only benefit individual developers like myself but will also enhance the overall quality and reliability of the applications built on this platform, benefiting OpenAI and its users alike.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I am looking forward to a positive change that will empower us, the developers, to bring our best work forward and contribute meaningfully to the field of AI.

Best regards, Josias